Hi, I’m Jacopo.

I’m years old. I’m a designer and a writer.

I worked for Saatchi & Saatchi,
(feb 2008 - aug 2008)
I won Socially Correct, an advertising contest held by Saatchi & Saatchi and the italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. The prize was a 6 months internship at the advertising agency where I worked on advertisings for Procter & Gamble's oral care products.
Pc Magazine,
(jan 2010 - nov 2010)
I wrote about technology, social networks and blogs for the italian edition of Pc Magazine. My best work there was a cover story about RepRap, the self replicating 3D printer project founded by Adrian Bowyer.
(may 2010 - dec 2010)
I worked as community manager for Avoicomunicare, a social and environmental themed blog supported by Telecom Italia.
(jan 2009 - jun 2015)
I was the host and the author of two radio shows for the webradio Radionation. For four years, in example, I hosted Feeder: a weekly radio show about food that went on air from my home kitchen while I was cooking dinner.
Personal Report,
(jun 2010 - jan 2013)
I wrote about design and weird stuff for Personal Report, beloved (and now defunct) italian design blog. I also managed collaborators and wrote a weekly column about data visualization and infographics.
Annamaria Testa,
(jan 2011 - jan 2012)
I was a copywriter for the advertising agency of Annamaria Testa, major italian copywriter. I also wrote a lot for Nuovo e Utile (New and Useful), a website about creativity theories and techniques.
(feb 2012 - jul 2013)
I was a copywriter for the advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather. I worked on several projects and with several clients but my main focus was the major telecommunication company Wind. For a while, I was in charge of whole digital advertising for the client, from banners to DEMs, to posts on social networks.
(sept 2013 - jul 2015)
I wrote about culture and entertainment, edited articles and managed collaborators for one of the major italian online newspaper: Linkiesta. I joined the editorial staff with a team that relaunched the culture section, now one of the main traffic sources for the newspaper.
and Designit. Now I’m working at Cisco.

Do you want to work with me? Write me. I'm also on Twitter and LinkedIn. And here you can find my resume.